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1 To 1 Crash Exchange Protection

Purchase A Car Seat From Us and Get Yourself Cover For Our 1-To-1 Crash Exchange Protection LIFE TIME!

Applicable for All Car Seats purchased from our shop!

Terms & Conditions:

  • The exchange program is only applicable to selected car seats purchased from Gifts From Heaven only.
  • only 1 year 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Protection applicable for all INFANT CARRIERS.
  • After receiving the car seat, you need to register 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Protection within 7 days.
  • Upon review of the crash circumstances in combination with all the requested supporting documentation, Gifts From Heaven will determine if an exchange is warranted based on the program criteria.
  • Restraints are eligible for exchange if they have been involved in a severe crash in Malaysia and meet all stated criteria. (A severe crash is considered as being one where the main body structure of the vehicle is distorted).
  • The exchange program is limited to ONE TIME entitlement
  • For the case of discontinued car seat model, customer may opt to change to same value car seat at that period.  Top up the difference if it's required.  No cash refund.
  • Gifts From Heaven will exchange car seat structures (excluding cover) with is under Crash Exchange Protectio.
  • Customer to bear the postage cost for both ways.
  • Completed applications must be submitted to Gifts From Heaven within 14 days of the road crash in order to be eligible for the Crash Exchange Protection. Applications received after this 14 days period are not eligible for the Crash Exchange Protection and will not be considered.
  • The date of the crash will be deemed as the date stated on the Police Report.
  • The choice of the replacement will be determined by Gifts From Heaven and is not negotiable.
  • In the event an exchange occurs, the applicant automatically consents to allow Gift From Heaven to use submitted photos and testimonials for marketing purposes.


Take Note: -

  • Register within 7 days from invoice date / date received the parcel.
  • Register after accident NOT entitled 1 to 1 Crash Exchange Protection.
  • This Program is Limited to ONE time only.

How To Claim

Customer is required to prepare and provide following documents to Gifts From Heaven within 14 days of the accident date:

  1. Photos of the car accident
  2. Police report
  3. Sales receipt / warranty registration
  4. Crashed car seat

All original documents and crashed car seat to be sent to address below:

Gifts From Heaven Baby Toy SHop

2-1 (Tingkat 1), Jalan Sungai Burung AA32/AA

Bukit Rimau, Seksyen 32,

40460 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel:  018 8748213



Disclaimer: This program for crashed child restraint is voluntary. This Crash Exchange Protection does not involve a financial reimbursement or any offer other than a replacement of an equivalent child restraint as determined by Gifts From Heaven. Gifts From Heaven reserves the rights to change, amend, cancel or remove the exchange program at any time without prior notice.