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  • Build your own Solar System mobile that glows in the dark
  • Each kit comes complete with a bonus wall chart full of fun solar system facts
  • Mobile is 75cm x 75cm finished size
  • An inspirational science craft for the whole family
  • The perfect kit for first time knitters
  • Make a cute knit animal
  • Stay warm in winter
  • Ideal girls birthday gift
  • Great outfit accessory
  • Age 5+ years. 

  • create and craft, shrink your own cupcake for your jewelery

  • make your creations in the oven and watch them shrink into colourful cupcake charms
  • use the rings, hooks, chains, strings and beads to make your very own one-off pieces of cupcake jewelery
  • display them on the 5 inches tall plastic jewelery stand
  • comes complete with instructions
  • for age 5 and above
  • Build and fly your own balloon powered hover jet
  • Powered by a balloon
  • Watch this jet sail along as it hovers on a cushion of air
  • Fun and educational
  • For ages 8 and up
  • Have fun painting your own adorable butterflies
  • Use them as cute trinket boxes
  • Also makes great ornaments
  • There a 6 boxes to paint
  • Fun, educational and entertaining
  • Lights off! It's time to transform your bedroom into a starry night sky with this amazing cardboard star projector!
  • Create your own star projector using the contents of this kit.
  • Includes northern and southern hemispheres, 4.5 inch diameter lamp, star charts and instructions
  • Manufactured by 4M - Producing creative play things for curious kids.
  • fun and educational
  • A fun, sparkling chemistry experiment
  • Grow your colorful crystals in the container provided
  • Assorted colors (Red, White and Blue)
  • Only one colour will be supplied
  • Size, shape and colour will vary depending on experimental conditions
  • Create Jigsaw puzzles with your spectacular designs or secret messages!
  • They're great gifts for your family or friends.
  • Free your imagination or follow the illustrations on the box or Simply write your message on the puzzle , carfully separate the pieces and put them in an envelope.
  • Your friends will love it!!
  • Content:3 Plain 12cm x 16cm jigsaw puzzles and 4 colour felt pens
  • Ages 5+and above
  • Pretend being a palaeontologist by excavating the bones of a dinosaur that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.Then put the pieces together to make the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the largest and the fiercest carnivore of the prehistoric world.
  • Contains skeleton about 19cm long when assembled.
  • Age: 8+ years. Contains small parts.
  • With Kidz Labs – Dig a Velociraptor, you can be a paleontologist!

  • Dig and excavate the skeleton of the mysterious prehistoric animal – the Velociraptor!
  • This kit includes a plaster block and a specially designed digging tool to provide hours of fun being a paleontologist.
  • Assemble the skeleton to form a 21cm long Velociraptor model and then challenge your friends and family to the quiz included in the box – and learn more fun facts!
  • Age: 8+ years. Contains small parts
  • Be a Palaeontologist!
  • Dig and excavate the skeleton of a mysterious prehistoric animal and then assemble the skeleton to form a mammoth model.
  • Kit also contains a cardboard display platform with fun facts!
  • Make your own Dino stamps!
  • Makes 12 stamps - all supplies included
  • Make unique stationary - paper included
  • Great gift idea
  • No glue is needed to create these easy mosaics.

  • Kits include transparent colored mosaic pieces, one set of pre-cut shaped pieces for the image, a design template, one transparent board, one suction cup and instructions.
  • Finished picture is 5.5 inches square.
  • For ages over 5
  • Small parts – not recommended for childen under age 4
  • assorted designs, randomly picked only
  • Use the power of the sun to propel your own robot
  • Switch between rolling, Walking, and rope climbing modes with this three-in-one toy
  • Part of the Eco-Engineering and green science series from 4M, foster science interest with this robot building kit
  • Add a small screwdriver (sold separately) to assemble your creation
  • Use this kit with kids ages 8 and up
  • Brilliant construction kit
  • Provides hours of educational fun
  • Recycle and create
  • For ages 8+ years and above
  • From the 4M range
  • With 4M's Maglev Train Model Kit, you can display the power of magnetism with this exciting Maglev train model.
  • Amaze your friends and discover for yourself how super-fast Maglev trains can travel with this amazing model. And it makes a great Green Science/Eco-Engineering project.
  • The model train zooms smoothly along its special track using the power of magnetism. When completely assembled, The train model is over 15.5 inches long.
  • The Maglev Train Kit from Toy smith will provide hours of fun without the need to of batteries.
  • This item is recommended for ages eight years and up.
  • Harness the power of the sun to make this plane mobile fly through the air
  • Attach the propeller to an empty plastic bottle and power the glider for launch
  • Each kit includes plane parts, propeller, motor, weight components, and instructions
  • Add your own large empty plastic bottle, coins, and small screwdriver (not included) to easily assemble your plane
  • This kit is suitable for ages 8 and up