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Breast Feeding Breast Pump N Accessories
Breast Feeding Breast Pump N Accessories
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  • More silent and battery power saving.

  • Efficient, soft and quick double pumping (Closed System).

  • 385g Breast Pump that fits in the palm of your hand.

  • Powerful in expression with the speed function.


-Silicon diaphragm (twin pack).

-Design for Haenim 7S & 7A models breast pumps.

-Easy to wash.

-Suitable to use with UV Sterilizer (max 45 degree).

-Not recommend to use high temperature to wash, for example: steam sterilizer or boiling methods (ups to 100 degree).


-Recommend to change regularly for efficiency. 

  • Collect leaking breast milk which can save every precious drop
  • Easy to empty
  • Keep you dry in case of heavy milk leakage
  • Comfortable wear where can protect sore or cracked nipples from friction
  • Secure and discreet
  • Snug and confortable fit
  • Safe materials for ou and your baby
  • The shells are BPA Free
  • Length: 9.5cm