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  • Ultra thin, suitable for hot weather
  • Super Soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Chlorine Free
  • PH Balanced 
  • For baby weight 6 kg above
  • Available size M ,L , XL & XXL
  • Ultra-thin, 2mm UltraCore Technology
  • 0.012mm, super soft fibres
  • 12 hours advanced leak protection
  • Skin-soothing, with Calendula Extract
  • Fluff-free, Chlorine-free - gentle on sensitive skin
  • 5 countries’ advanced technologies
  • PH Balanced 
  • For baby weight <5kg
  • Available size NB, S, M & L
  • 50gsm thickness with pearl pattern design - no more poop leakage
  • Made with non-woven spunlace - incredible soft & gentle texture
  • Large wet wipe with 200 x 150mm in dimensions - clean in one wipe
  • 99% pure EDI water, fragrance-free, alcohol-free - safe for newborn
  • Designed with a continuous dispensing system - easy-to-use anytime
  • 6 Layers Pure Cotton Yarn, 100% Cotton & Superb Absorbency
  • Ultra soft and Gentle Touch on Baby skin, no color fading, super endurant cotton fabric, No static
  • Class A infant products standard, does not contain fluorescent agent, formaldehyde, aromatic amine, etc., no ball, rest assured use
  • Super Fluffy, air-breathing and bacteria free cotton fabric
  • Fast Drying, Breathable material, it is easy to wash and dry fast
  • NO Color Fading, It is machine washable & no color fade
  • Double Button For Perfect Fit, Adjustable length to suit babies from age 0-2 for daily use
  • Easy to match in-n-out for every day activity.
  • Available color Pink & Blue

  • 50gsm Thick, Pearl Pattern Design. 25% Thicker & Very Absorbent.
  • High-Quality Spunlace Non-woven Fabric. Soft To The Touch.
  • 200 X 150mm Satisfyingly Large Wet Wipes.
  • Wipe Till Clean.99% Pure EDI Water, Chemical & Alcohol-Free.
  • Suitable For Sensitive Skin.
  • Endless Wiping, Easy To Use.
  • Come with Blue Cap