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100% purified water

100% cotton

2 pieces per pack, 40 pack per box

Sterilized individually wrapped package

Origin Country: Korea

  • hoenycomb pattern structure fast absortion
  • soft touch of 3mm thin thickness
  • 120pcs
  • product of Korea
  • made in Korea
  • easy to cut with the cutting guide line
  • safe zipper
  • lightweight material for convenience when going out
  • correct date marking
  • antistatic
  • transparent window to check the formula inside
  • optimized shape for pouring in a baby's bottle
  • Non-toxic silicone material is used that was approved by US FDA.
  • Outstanding durability of silicone can be used semi-permanently compared to sponge.
  • Dense silicone brush has 3 layers to make more foam and has outstanding cleaning power.
  • Straight shape of brush has an equal force delivery to wash more easily.
  • Makes less scratch on the feeding bottle compared to nylon brush and hard to be contaminated by foreign substances.
  • Hot water disinfection is possible and it dries fast to be used hygienic all the time. (NOTE: handle and brush holder can be deformed wiht longer time of hot water disinfection)
  • MotherK Silicone Nipple Shield
  • Composition: 2pcs in 1set
  • Made in Korea 
  • Choice: (M size) or (L size)
  • M size: About 1.2cm x 2cm
  • L size: About 1.3~1.4cm x 2cm
  • Silicon-based ultra-thin nipple protector
  • 0.3mm thick contact type
  • Products that can protect the nipple's wound