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Sterilized Dental and gum Wipes 

  • Suitable for use from birth 0 +
  • Sterilized. Above the temperature of 100 degrees steam.
  • Contains purified water. No artificial additives only 100% purified water.
  • Bemlise Mesh material. A networked, patented material that cleans up plaque and massages and soates the gums. Cotton fibre.
  • Packed in 1 piece. Single, convenient and highly hygienic packaging.
  • Baby tooth brushing kit Bite reflex and practice cleaning children's teeth.
  • Small bristle size for baby teeth
  • Protection of the shape of the flower
  • Suitable for between 12-24 Months(1-2Years)
  • 1pack for 2 set toothbrush
  • Available color for each is CREAM BEIGE/MILKY PURPLE or OLIVE/MODERN ORANGE
  • Tight grip for baby and parent hands
  • In order to learn to brush your teeth with fun, the toothbrush is for your baby and for your parents
  • Be comfortable. With a tight grip on the hands of babies and parents
  • Mother K 0.5 step Infant toothbrush makes brushing your teeth like a fun play.
  • For a child who grows visibly every day
  • Not a thousand-piece uniform step
  • Systematic oral care steps tailored to oral growth are required.
  • Toothbrush head that fits the small oral structure of the back
  • You can cultivate perfect brushing habits without reluctance.
  • Manage our baby teeth more systematically.