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  • Be creative and turn ordinary tiles into masterpieces
  • Decorate your room with these lovely unicorn magnets
  • Ideal for children who enjoy the achievment of making their own art pieces
  • Suitable for ages 5+

Bring the dinosaurs and volcano to life with paint and guide them safely through the Dino Park board game!

For ages 5 years +.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 6cm x 22cm x 17cm 

  • Learn the science of connecting an electric circuit. 
  • Construct your own door buzzer and place it behind your door. 
  • Stop intruders from your room. 
  • It's cool and fun! 
  • Contains: plastic platform and alarm casing, 1 set of plastic accessories, metal pegs, electric buzzer, electric wire, string for alarm trigger, and detailed instructions.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 8- 15 years
  • Dig through this plaster rock to unearth a bunch of creepy crawly bugs.
  • You can mount the bugs on the specimen cards and learn some cool facts about them!
  • Build this cool emergency light.
  • Learn about basic circuits and how the motorised reflector makes the light flash.
  • It’s a great decoration for your bedroom or for camping outings.
  • Make your own alarms using Logiblocs Alarm Tech by 4M.
  • The kit includes a light sensor, switch button, beeper and a range of other blocks to make more than 30 detectors and alarm systems including an intruder alarm, night light, a rain detector, morse code machine and more! 
  • 3 x AAA batteries are also required but not included.
  • Build over 10 custom circuit systems using Logiblocs Alarms & Doorbell kit
  • Plug-and-play electronic building blocks, Each colour coded with unique functions to create custom Circuits to build a variety of control systems and gadgets
  • Kit includes Essential blocks to build a wide variety of detectors and alarm systems, from an intruder alarm to a Morse code machine and more gadgets to use in daily life
  • Recommended for age 5 years and up; requires three AAA batteries (not included)
  • Logiblocs kits to create almost endless combinations of custom systems and gadgets


  • These blocks can be turned into 10 different smart circuits.
  • Change the input trigger and logic control to make your own gadgets that perform various functions like detecting rain or metal. 
  • Age 5+
  • YELLOW BLOCKS – are the input which triggers the system by creating  a signal from a variety of sensors.
  • BLUE BLOCKS – are the connection which sends the signals from place to place.
  • ORANGE BLOCKS – are the logic which ‘ensures everything happens in the right place at the right time.
  • RED BLOCKS – are the output which communicates to the outside world through light and sound or by turning things on and off.
  • This Spy Tech kit allows you to build gadgets that every spy needs.
  • With this kit you can build more than 30 kinds of detectors and alarm systems.
  • You can even record your own message for the alarm!
  • Talking coin, surprise message box, morse code machine, door message, talking fridge and intruder alarm are just some of the gadgets you can make.
  • 3 x AAA batteries are also required but not included.