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Piyo Piyo
Piyo Piyo
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  • Thumb Shape pacifiers which is matched with baby 's lips, suck , chew , squeeze, pharynx and other sports repeated jaw exercise can help strengthen teeth foundation.
  • Transparent cover against dust and dirt , easy to carry .
  • Soft, odourless, tasteless , non-deformation.
  • The 2 + 1 Milk Powder Dispenser not only features two formula compartments, each separated by the included mid-caps, but it also includes a compartment for holding pacifiers, bottle nipples, or non-staple food items.
  • A funnel cap top for easy pouring tops off this multi-functional case.
  • Features two formula compartments as well as a third compartment for holding pacifiers, bottle nipples, or non-staple food items.
  • Stores pre-measured amounts of powdered formula for up to 2 feedings.
  • Funnel cap top for spill-proof bottle preparation.
  • Great for the diaper bag.
  • Material: P.P.

    Heat Resistance: -20°C ~ 120°C.

    Size: (W) 7cm x (H) 16.5cm.
  • This 3-piece utensil set includes the essential utensils to take your baby from parent-led feeding through learning to self-feed.
  • The two spoons and one fork are especially sized for baby and feature the popular Piyo Piyo duckling printed on each utensil. 
  • Set includes: One baby spoon, one baby fork, and one spoon with long handle
  • made in Taiwan
  • This style prepares babies for drinking water with a cup. It is an ideal training assistant using a three flow mode control to allow you to adjust the liquid flow as your baby grows.

  • Step four trains your baby to drink water from a cup
  • Designed for babies 8 months and up 
  • Contoured opening fits babies mouth perfectly
  • Cup holds 200cc
  • Prepares baby for drinking water with a cup
  • An ideal training assistant between nipple and cup
  • Suitable for non-staple foods and juices w/pulp
  • Soft materials do not hurt baby’s palate and gums
  • Mouthpiece is broader and offers more flow than the nipple
  • Liquid does not come out until baby sucks the mouthpiece

- Internal and external straw system allows for gradual transition to using a straw

- Cross cut external straw opening prevents spills

- Piyo Piyo duckling lid protects straw when not in use

- Soft and flexible silicone straw is safe for baby

- Double skid-proof handles for easy gripping

  • Fits the 4-Step Training Cup
  • 2nd step lid (5 months+)
  • Cold and heat resistant
  • Package contains 1 lid
  • Fits the 4-Step Training Cup
  • 3rd step lid (8 months+)
  • Cold and Heat resistant
  • Package contains 1 lid
  • Fits the 4-Step Training Cup
  • 4th step lid (8 months+ with flow controller; 12 months+ without flow controller)
  • Cold and heat resistant
  • Package contains 1 lid

• Set includes one training cup with double skid-proof handles, one nipple style lid, on duck-billed lid, one straw style lid, and one broad-opening lid
• Nipple style lid suitable for 3 months+
• Duck-billed lid suitable for 5 months+
• Straw-style lid suitable for 8 months+
• Broad-opening lid suitable for 8 months+ (12 months+ without flow controller)
• Cup holds 6 fluid ounces


Anti-bacterial treated
Microwave safe
Two handles to help baby grip cup when drinking

  • esigned for Easy Drinking Soup or Other Liquids
  • BPA free
  • made in Taiwan

• Extended handle reaches all the way inside of straws
• Tiny bristles provide 360 degree cleaning
• Handle features hook for hanging storage
• Features our Piyo Piyo design
• Package includes 2 anti-bacterial straw scrubbers


• Thermos bottle holds 420mL 
• Anti-Bacterial treated
• Sliding design means no more lost lids
• Multinational patented


Both sides of the grip allows young children easy to grasp, the cup is not easy to fall, learning more easily.
Bounce the lid design, easy going out, travel to carry, safe and sanitary.

made in Taiwan

  • Soft anti-bacterial sponge is safe and sanitary
  • Will not scratch the bottle or container
  • Straight handle helps to clean each corner easily

Piyo Piyo Assembled Bottle Scrubber Refill 

Replacement sponges for Assembled Bottle Scrubber 

Soft anti-bacterial sponge is safe and sanitary 

Will not scratch the bottle or container

  • Microwaveable
  • Easy to clean
  • 4" Wide, 1.85" High
  • Baby nasal cavity cleaning clamp
  • Round head design for more peace of mind.
  • Item No. : 830565 
  • Color : Yellow 
  • Age : Newborn
- Assist the baby to eat independently and try all kinds of food for balanced nutrition. Strengthen the jaw and teeth by sucking, chewing, squeezing and swallowing

- Chewable with cold food

- Food will flow out from mouthpieceto avoid choking

- Food-grade silicone mouthpiece, it's easy to clean and replaceable

- Hand grip design

- Clear dust cover, it's also a drinking cup