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Piyo Piyo
Piyo Piyo
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  • The Piyo Piyo Portable Nasal Aspirator is designed to help you keep your baby more comfortable when he or she has a stuffy nose.
  • The round nose piece is designed to cling tightly to your baby's nose without hurting the baby's delicate nasal membranes.
  • The Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator is easy to use.
  • Just attach the clear silicone tube to the bottle and squeeze the yellow bulb to extract nasal mucus.
  • The tube and the bottle are clear, so you can see mucus flowing.
  • made in Taiwan
  • Use the piyo piyo tongue brush to establish good oral hygiene right from the start
  • Helps keep your baby's mouth clean and fresh
  • Cleans without hurting the surface of the tongue