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Effective pumping !
- Both your hands are free to multi task while pumping.
- An economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra Breast Pump products.

Pump whenever, wherever
-You can save time at home by pumping while breastfeeding.
- You can pump in the office with your clothes on as Handsfree fits into your underwear.
-You can pump in public where there is no personal space.


Features & benefits

  • Realistic design looks and feels just like an adult toilet
  • Handle features a flush sound to reward a job well done
  • Flip-up lid and removable, easy-clean bowl
  • Built-in wipe compartment promotes healthy habits
  • Splash guard for boys
  • The Fold Away Baby Bath from Summer Infant offers versatility and convenience.
  • The large 2 year tub grows with your child, starting with a gentle inclined position for infants, and ending with a spacious and comfortable bath tub for your toddler.
  • The base of the tub is inflatable and offers an extra soft padded cushion for baby's bottom.
  • The convenient compact fold makes it easy for storage or travel.
  • Use only natural ingredients
  • Complete user manual is included
  • Designed according to traditional Malay after birth therapies
  • Can be used personally without assisted by another person 
  • Contains 10 products
  • Made from plant-based 100%natural ingredients
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Newborn Kit to convert Tavo Basic Edge R into rear/parent facing stroller
  • price for 1 unit newborn kit to be used with Tavo Basic Edge R only
  • Price not including stroller
  • Newborn Kit to convert Tavo Basic Edge R into rear/parent facing stroller
  • price for 1 unit newborn kit to be used with Tavo Basic Edge R only
  • Price not including stroller
  • additional structure at front base to improve stability and shape
  • improved quick access wet tissue dispenser with magnetized lid closure
  • improved inner lining with diamond check texture
  • re-designed baby care compartment with added capacity
  • added zippered compartment for valuables
  • improved outer shell material for water resistance and durability
  • improved back panel & shoulder straps for carry comfort and breathability
  • Quick and easy way to warm baby's feed
  • Warms milk and food in 4 minutes
  • Gentle warming helps protect essential nutrients in the feed
  • Easy to use, one dial operation, just add water
  • Fits most brands of bottles and jars
  • Warms breast milk, formula and baby food to body temperature without overheating
  • Two temperature settings to warm from fridge or room temperature, plus keep warm setting
  • BPA free
  • Resistance to heat up to 110C
  • Lightweight and suitable for sterilization by boiling, steam, and cold water
  • BPA Free Natural feel teat for "just like Mum" feedings
  • Easy latch teat for smooth transition between breast and bottle
  • Super sensitive
  • Easi-vent valve for less air intake and less discomfort for your baby
  • Comes with double bottle
  • Comes with medium flow teat

Product Name: Hailey Pocket UVC LED Sterilizer


Power Supply: 2W

Rated Input: 5V 2.0A

Port: USB Type-C

  • Includes a soothing night light
  • 3adorable soft birds and plays 4 songs and 40 melodies.
  • The mobile can also play nature sounds or white noise and there is a 10, 20 or 30-minute timer setting.
  • A remote control is included so you can change the volume or play or pause music.
  • The voice sensor on this mobile detects your baby’s cry and responds with melodies to lull your little one back to sleep.
  • Suitable for use straight form birth.

– Durable design for long-lasting play
– Volume control switch for quieter play
– Easy to assemble and can be stored away

  • Learn early maths skills and age-appropriate pre-school curriculum
  • Introduces numbers, colours, shapes, basic addition and musical instruments
  • Follow the light-up buttons to strengthen memory and encourage repetitive learning
  • Also teaches in Spanish
  • Encourages language development, discovery and independent play
  • Interactive medical play set with five medical tools, two patient cards and a storage case for fun on the go
  • Pop a patient card into the top of the Doctor’s kit and help them get better by following the instructions
  • Also includes a quiz mode that helps reinforce learning by asking questions about medical tools and more
  • Encourages language development and role-play
  • This set features 26 double-sided letter blocks, one for each letter of the alphabet. Your toddler will have fun and learn about the alphabet at the same time.
  • The included storybook has six turning pages. Your child will love the colorful pictures and learn about letters and stories.
  • The five functional piano keys will teach your toddler about numbers and colors. Learning and fun go hand in hand with the Alphabet Train.
  • Entertains your child with 26 double-sided letter blocks, a book with 6 flipping pages, 5 colorful number buttons, 1 movable elephant character, a motion sensor, a ride-on carriage and a drop-space for blocks