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  • The perfect recipe for number learning fun! From counting and cooking to serving and sharing, it's preschool prep for little chefs—16 fun ingredients included! Easy take-and-go play—everything fits inside!
  • Includes Interactive oven, 4 Pizza slices, 3 Pieces of bread, 2 Cupcakes, 1 Fried egg, 1 Skillet, 1 Spatula, 1 Baking tray, and 2 Plates. Nourish math learning: cut food into 2, 3 or 4 equal pieces.
  • Delightful singing oven warms up counting, sharing and vocabulary skills. 30+ phrases & songs. Press the chef's hat for learning songs, or listen and learn along to fun phrases. Skills learned include couting and sharing.
  • Move the number slider to explore numbers, time and temperature. Place the pan on the stove for real sizzle sounds. Turn the timer and count clicks! Close the oven to explore numbers and counting. Open it to learn about counting and sharing.
  • Number Lovin' Oven offers a fun and interactive way to explore early number concepts including recognizing numbers, counting along and sharing. As children play, they may discover interesting mathematical relationships such as parts that make up a whole and dividing equally.
  • Scout drives a bright yellow school bus featuring 26 colorful letter buttons that come alive with unique and silly personalities.
  • Press a letter button in letter mode to hear its name and sound.
  • Animal mode introduces an animal that begins with the letter selected, its letter sound and the sound the animal makes.
  • In game mode, press letters to help characters hop off the bus.
  • Listen to two fun interactive songs, “Little Puppy Had a Bus” and “Letters Get on the Bus” in music mode.
  • Color Green
  • Get Ready for Preschool-Build school skills and classroom confidence with interactive pages and activities.
  • Follow the Stars-Touch the star on any page to start an activity.
  • Focus on Discovery-Explore colors, shapes, numbers and letters with touch-and-discover pages.
  • Touch and Trace-Trace letters and shapes, match numbers to objects and rhyme words.
  • Be a Learning Star-Play games to practice listening, to find objects, and draw to dress for the weather.
  • Hint Button-Press for help or to replay questions.
  • Wipe-Clean Pages-Practice writing letters, draw, and solve mazes with the erasable marker, then wipe with a damp cloth and do it again!
  • Intended for ages 3+ years; requires 2 AA batteries
  • Introduces letters A-Z and animal names and sounds
  • Features three ways to play: letter, animal and music learning modes
  • Explore learning with each spin of the wheel
  • Playful musical responses and lights reward each touch
  • Spin, push and slide to help develop motor skills
  • Introduces a variety of school subjects including ABCs, numbers 1-10, colors, animals, shapes, emotions, music and more
  • Touch the pictures on each page and the book will come to life with learning phrases and sounds
  • Press the music button on tad's backpack to hear six different songs and watch the light in his backpack flash in time to the music
  • Turn the hour hand of the clock on the cover to practice telling time
  • Covers core learning skills that expose kids to common topics they will learn as they enter school
  • Two-in-One Play Music play includes a xylophone and a removable tambourine 
  • Colors and Numbers Mode 
  • Instrument Sounds Play xylophone, glockenspiel and string instrument sounds along with nine original tunes. 
  • Games Play eight tunes
  • Jam Along Improvise or play along
  • Music Cards Use the mallet to follow the notes on the two double-sided music cards to play well-known songs. 
  • Motor Skills Practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with musical play.
  • 2 AA BATTERIES. Batteries included for demo purposes only. Recommend to replace new sets of batteries for regular use. 
  • Ages 18 Month
  • Press and Play
  • Time to Jam
  • One, Two, Three
  • Get Those Gears Turning
  • Shape Sorter
  • FSC-Certified Wood
    • Light up the adorable construction truck by dropping a ball inside and watching the mixer change color.
    • Add two balls to the color mixer and push the lever to “mix” the balls together to learn how to create a whole-new color.
    • Learn colors, shapes and numbers by pressing the colorful shape buttons on the truck. Use them to answer questions or add sounds to the music.
    • Drop the balls inside and take them out by opening the back door. When playtime is over, all the balls easily store inside.
    • 4 in 1 Function : Steam, Blend, Defrost and Reheat
    • Silent Operation
    • 360º Even Steaming
    • Tritan-made Jug
    • High Speed Blending
    • Stainless Steel Blades
    • Demand Mixing 
    • 1Years Warranty



      360º revolving seat
      Padded comfortable cushion
      Interactive music toy
      3 positions height adjustable
      Rocking function
      All wheels are lockable
      Comply with Europe Safety Standard EN1930:2011
      Recommended for age 6 months and up

    ♥  For gross and fine motor skill
    ♥ Discovery on music and sound
    ♥ Exploration on cause and effect
    ♥ Encourage cognitive skill

    • Make your own alarms using Logiblocs Alarm Tech by 4M.
    • The kit includes a light sensor, switch button, beeper and a range of other blocks to make more than 30 detectors and alarm systems including an intruder alarm, night light, a rain detector, morse code machine and more! 
    • 3 x AAA batteries are also required but not included.
    • YELLOW BLOCKS – are the input which triggers the system by creating  a signal from a variety of sensors.
    • BLUE BLOCKS – are the connection which sends the signals from place to place.
    • ORANGE BLOCKS – are the logic which ‘ensures everything happens in the right place at the right time.
    • RED BLOCKS – are the output which communicates to the outside world through light and sound or by turning things on and off.
    • This Spy Tech kit allows you to build gadgets that every spy needs.
    • With this kit you can build more than 30 kinds of detectors and alarm systems.
    • You can even record your own message for the alarm!
    • Talking coin, surprise message box, morse code machine, door message, talking fridge and intruder alarm are just some of the gadgets you can make.
    • 3 x AAA batteries are also required but not included.


    Steaming preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values of the food for your loved ones. With our special double-layer steaming rack, you can now steam different types of food concurrently to save time.


    Seamless steaming to blending experience – a side tab allows you to drop in steamed items directly into the blender without scalding yourself. Use either auto-blend or manual pulse modes to achieve the texture suited to your baby’s developmental stage, or make a healthy smoothie to treat yourself!


    The steamer gently reheats your baby’s food with the option of steaming or via the water bath. Our user manual provides settings for your own timer (not included) to guide your usage.


    Quickly defrosts frozen food using the steaming chamber or water bath.


    Steam sterilise small items to kill germs. The sterilising chamber can take up to a large milk bottle.


    Stimulation Phase

    With 6 stimulation cycles, TailorMade Pro has one of the widest available range of stimulation strengths for you to choose from. Select a cycle that is most like your baby’s initial light and fast sucking to achieve a faster letdown.

    Expression Phase

    With a wide range of 16 stimulation cycles to choose from, this helps mothers to bring on a letdown for faster milk extraction, mimicking your baby’s initial light and fast sucking rhythm before letdown.

    Dual Stimulation Phase

    With a unique combination of both short and long suctions, this is designed to help mothers who have difficulty achieving letdown. By better stimulating the breasts, this phase triggers a faster letdown, which also helps to relieve engorged breasts.

    Deep Expression Phase

    This is a uniquely engineered double frequency suction that allows for deeper and better extraction of breast milk. It is designed to simulate breast compression during pumping. This phase also helps mothers with inverted nipples to better empty their breasts.

    Customised Sessions, Every Single Time

    TailorMade Pro brings you unprecedented flexibility. There are 378 possible combinations with TailorMade Pro. Customise your pumping for each individual breast with our Individualised Breast Customised Programme so you can now express milk faster, more completely, and in greater comfort.

    The Special Turbo Cycles

    The MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump is designed with 8 Standard Cycles and 8 Turbo Cycles for each Phase. We think of the special Turbo Cycles as a “power-up” that can boost up to 10-30% of the Standard Cycle strength. This allows you to customise your pumping session. It is useful when you would like to increase the current cycle strength but find the next cycle’s strength too strong for comfort.


    • MadeToTravel Breast Pump Unit x 1
    • Breast Shield x 2
    • T-Joint x 2
    • Valve x 2
    • Tubing x 1 set
    • Suitable for 6.8kg-20kg (approx., 4-20months)
    • Extra padding on shoulder straps for your comfort
    • Can be used for front and back carrying positions
    • Provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal hip development
    • Mesh front panel for better air ventilation
    • Thick waist belt for weight distribution support, reduces backaches
    • Adjustable chest and waist straps to provide a perfect fit
    • Removable sleeping hood
    • Front storage pocket for tissues and mobile phones
    • Padded leg-opening for your baby's comfort
    • Big belt buckle for added safety
    • Machine washable

    * Safe & Stress-free | High quality yet affordable | Convenient with less fuss

    * 1 Year Warranty

    * Portable, compact & easy to use

    * Charge by Type-C cable

    * 4 hours required to fully charge


    • Odour stop system
    • 1 hand free function, by Handle to keep your baby safe
    • Use any plastic bag
    • NO extra cost for refills or cassettes
    • Large storage 25 Diaper capacity 
    • Child lock safety system
    • Easy to clean
    • Single pack
    • Color White
    • Weight 1.62kg
    • VISIT EXCITING DESTINATIONS: In this Monopoly Travel World Tour board game players can imagine visiting different locations as they make travel goals, discover fun facts, and complete trips to win
    • FEATURES DRY ERASE GAMEBOARD: Make your mark on the dry-erase gameboard! Players can have so much fun using the self-inking stamping tokens to track the different locations they've visited
    • MONOPOLY GAME PROPERTIES: In this edition of the Monopoly game, properties are destinations. The Destination cards include travel goals and list fun facts about that location
    • MAKE MEMORIES WITH TRAVEL JOURNAL CARDS: When a player draws a Travel Journal card, they stamp it and it becomes a permanent part of the game -- it can affect someone's luck in future games
    • FUN GAME FOR FAMILIES AND KIDS 8+: Get the family together to play this edition of the Monopoly game in which properties are destinations from around the world

    • Includes: 2 blasters and 68 darts.
    • START BLASTING WITH NERF ALPHA STRIKE BLASTERS: Nerf Alpha Strike blasters are a great way to start experiencing the power, performance, and excitement of Nerf, the number one blaster brand*
    • 70-PIECE SET: The Fant QS-4 Load Out Set includes 2 Fang QS-4 blasters and 68 Official Nerf Elite Darts, giving you and another player plenty of darts for multiple reloads and lots of blasting!
    • LOAD, PRIME, AND FIRE FAST: Load, prime, and fire in 3 quick steps to send darts flying from these hand-powered blasters (no batteries required)