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  • Have loads of fizzy fun trying out these fascinating science experiments. Just add vinegar and baking soda from home! Make a scary foaming monster and watch the foam come out of his mouth! 
  • Make fizzy lava, a rocket racer, steamboat and have fun with the table-top volcano! 11 Fun projects including Table-Top Volcano, Rocket Racer, Ugly Foamy Monster, Fizzy Lava.
  • For ages 8 years+.
  • It’s an excavation adventure
  • Suitable for kids 5 years old.
  • 2 step interesting can do : Dig out the treasures & Play the egyptian adventure game


  • Construct a unique pirate treasure hunt game to challenge your friends and family! 
  • See who can find and hook all the treasure the fastest. Prepare yourself for the fun ahead! Spin the wheel of fortune to discover what treasure you are destined for. Then move quickly and carefully to find the treasure hidden on the island. It requires a steady hand - use the electric hook to dig out the treasures and watch out for the BUZZ if you touch the sides!!
  • You will need to act like a smart pirate to get to the treasure before your friends and family. Collect all the island's treasure to complete the amazing adventure! 
  • For ages 5 years+
  • Explore simple hydraulic principles and build a working mechanical arm that can move and grab
  • The realistic gripper can lift, move and grab a wide range of objects, all without electricity
  • Helps teach various STEM based concepts
  • Includes parts to build robot arm and instructions
  • Recommended for age 8 years and up

Learn about color and light by creating dazzling patterns.
The kit includes a kaleidoscope and instructions. Two AAA batteries are required (not included.)
This item is recommended for ages eight years and up..

  • Don't let anyone sneak into your room undetected! Build your own Intruder Alarm to keep out those pesky brothers & sisters! And while you are at it, explore how a magnet sets off this cool build-your-own intruder alarm. 
  • It's a great project for exploring how a magnetic switch works in an electric circuit.
  • Simple construction of the alarm box is required. 
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries. 
  • Ages 5 and over.

Learn about mechanics and assemble a working device that sends alarms at the detection of unseen metal artifacts above or beneath the surface. Your friends will be amazed.
Hunt for buried treasure on the beach or your back yard by driving the robot back and forth with the remote control. When you hear it beep, you have found something metallic.
The metal detector unit is detachable and usable as a hand-held metal detector.

  • Enjoy your own portable moon
  • Turn on the Moon Torch and project the light onto the wall and ceiling at night
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Build this futuristic machine and watch it jet off by transforming wind into kinetic energy!
  • Learn about propeller propulsion when building and playing with the Wind Powered Racer. 
  • The high RPM propeller engine makes for exciting racing with its streamlined design allowing super high top speeds. 
  • It has a large rear wheel span for extra stability at high speed.
  • For ages 10 years +.
  • Have fun creating perfect dinosaur art on this 8-metre-long paper scroll. Create an artistic prehistoric scene by rubbing the crayon over the dinosaur art plates! Change the plates and roll the paper out to make a continuous scene or tear off each scene to have individual dinosaurs.
  • Includes 8 different dinosaur templates to create the scenes, 2 crayons, crayon holder and 3 coloured pencils. Also includes a handy tote bag for storage.
  • For ages 4 years +.
  • Create your very own fairy themed light bulb. This fairy light is sure to delight with it's six colour-changing lights. 
  • Children decorate the light bulb with paper, glitter, stickers and fairies! Then add the string of lights for beautiful, colourful, fairy fun! Perfect for a night light.
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries. 
  • Ages 5 and over.
  • Make 3 gorgeous, magical, glittery domes - a secret garden, a magical world and a snow dome of forest friends. 
  • Place a mini water dome on your tabletop. As light filters through the water dome, be amazed by the beauty of the rainbow coming to life, appearing as if it is real!
  • Includes over 50 stickers to decorate the snow domes, transparent rainbows and glitter.
  • For ages 5 years+.
  • Assemble and paint these hot air balloons. Make many fun and colourful designs. Turn them into a unique mobile d?cor for your living room or garden canopy.
  • Includes 9 hot air balloons in 4 different sizes (assembly & painting required) and colourful stickers for decoration. 
  • Mobile span 25 x 25cm. Balloon sizes from 4cm to 13cm tall.
  • For ages 5 years +.

Let your imagination run wild! A fun glow rock painting project which turns your garden into magical glowing outer space!

You kids can do Sketch & paint, Highlight Glow, Make your outer space garden AND Glow.

For ages over 5 years +.

  • Easy-to-do! Makes perfect prints. Includes a 36 cm drawstring backpack. Your kid can use the stencils to make lovely prints to decorate their very own backpack.
  • They can also paint the backpack in their favorite colours with the included fabric paints.
  • Ages 5+
  • Build this gorgeous floating unicorn fountain that magically makes a non-stop stream of water. 
  • It pumps out water like a fountain but it seems to float in mid-air! Your friends and family will be amazed! 
  • Let your imagination run wild into the fantasy land of unicorns. Learn how electric pumps work by building your own before playing with it!
  • Designed for fun, interactive indoor and outdoor play. Kids feel a real sense of achievement after building it and being able to play with it.
  • Ages: 5+.
  • Build this fun drummer robot.
  • Programme a beat with the unique coding reel - so many different combinations available for your musical genius!  
  • Choose your own drumming surface to hear the different sounds the drummer robot makes.
  • Kids can learn simple coding techniques without the use of a device.
  • Batteries are required.
  • Ages 5 and over.
  • A fascinating way to learn about mechanical science! 
  • Build your very own pet snail from scratch and watch it glide over any surface. Watch for the life-like movement. There are two different stride lengths. 
  • For ages 8 years +
  • Discover the cool science this out-of-the-ordinary robot uses to move in funny and bizarre ways!
  • There's no telling what adventures you and your robot friend will go on.
  • He has long-range LED eyes and moving arms!
  • For ages 8 years +.
  • Clues! Crimes! Police! With this super cool 4M Detective Science Fingerprint Kit by 4M Kidz Labs, young detectives learn how to identify suspects and record important clues found at the scene of the crime!
  • Use the ink pad to collect prints from your friends and family, then use the magnifier to examine the patterns on your record cards.
  • Brush for latent finger prints using the dusting powder and transparent lifting sticker, then file them away in your database and move on to the next suspect.
  • And don't forget to flash your Detective International ID card so they know you're the real deal.
  • It's an educational toy sure to turn any kid into a super sleuth!