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  • Thick but Soft Silicone
  • A Fossa-fitting Nipple Radius
  • A Textured Surface for a More Effective Attachment
  • A Wider Nipple Based for Improved Suction
  • Nipple Sizes to Match Baby's Development
  • The wipes are 100% alcohol-free and can be used daily without drying up baby's tender skin.
  • contain 100% Food Grade Ingredients as certified by Japan Food Sanitation Law and FCC International Standard. They do not cause any harmful side effects when consumed accidentally by children.
  • A single wipe pops up every time and there is no chained wipes. This provides convenience for mothers and prevents wastage of wipes.
  • PIGEON's Baby Wipes and Wet Tissues are quality checked with Microbiological Test to ensure that they are FREE from harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Colour: As per the Stock Availability
  • Soft bristles prevent gum irritation
  • Easy grip design makes it easy for a child's hands to hold
  • Durable standard safe Tooth brush
  • Establish good personal habits among your child
  • Avoids hurting your baby's gums or teeth anymore
  • BPA free ensure baby's oral safety
  • For 6+ months
  • Particularly suitable for thicker liquids
  • BPA free
  • Deodorizes the body, soothe tired muscles and relieves minor skin problems. 
  • Contains a blend of warming herbs. 
  • One pack comes in 14 sachets (each 10gm)
  • cute gift set for newborn
  • 3pcs gift set:  bodysuit x 1, handkerchief x 1, mittens x 1, socks x 1
  • 100% cotton
  • Stage 1: 0-2 years
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 0% Chemical Composition
  • 100% Pure Water (9 times filter)
  • High temperature sterilized

Formulated with Antibacterial Agent (Benzalkonium Chloride)

Made of soft and thick cottony material

Fragrance Free

Alcohol Free & Paraben Free

Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically Tested

Extra Moist & enriched with soothing Aloe Vera and moisturising Vitamin E

  • Fragrant roots, turmeric, wild ginger and cinnamon are just some of the herbs that we use as active ingredients in our best selling body soap.
  • Made with palm kernel oil, rice, Glutinous rice, Wild Ginger, Vegetable glycerin, Turmeric, Patchouli oil, Cinnamon and Vetiver. 
  • These herbs are well known for its Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, skin toning and are able to help with minor rashes and itchiness.
  • 3+ months
  • Super soft textured design
  • Gently massages infant's gums
  • Assists in the eruption of teeth
  • BPA Free
  • Designed to help your little one develop grown­ up drinking skills
  • Removable, two-piece non-spill valve keeps mess to a minimum
  • Super soft spout is gentle on your baby’s gums when teething
  • Removable easy­-grip handles are perfect for little hands
  • Cups are dishwasher safe if placed on the top shelf and can be steam sterilised for added piece of mind
  • All Tommee Tippee cups are BPA free
  • BPA Free
  • Double walled to preserve nutrients effectively
  • Medical grade material, perfect for safe and extended freezer storage
  • Thick laminate to prevent ink leeching
  • Pre-sterilised bags to ensure safe feeding
  • DOUBLE zipper top to prevent leakage
  • No-spill self-standing bottom
  • Heat sealed sides to prevent splitting
  • Easy to read designated area for date, name and time
  • Pre-calibrated ounce/ml markings for accurate measuring

This is a replacement of 2 set straw

for Richell LC Series (200ml/320ml) & AQ Cup de Mug

BPA free

  • Thick but Soft Silicone
  • A Fossa-fitting Nipple Radius
  • A Textured Surface for a More Effective Attachment
  • A Wider Nipple Based for Improved Suction
  • Nipple Sizes to Match Baby's Development

– Unique, easy latch-on teat shape
– Super-sensitive anti-colic valve
– Soft natural feel silicone teat

  • Natural feeding teat makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • Unique anti-colic valve with innovative twin valve design
  • Ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and grip the bottle for maximum comfort
  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • 12+ months
  • 9oz/270ml
  • Soft medical grade silicone straw
  • 360º straw, drink from any angle
  • Free flow straw
  • Drinking on the go
  • SoftFlex™ Flip-It™ straw
  • No-spill™ design
  • BPA Free
  • Tested Hypoallergenic Suitable for Newborns and Babies with Sensitive Skin
  • Certified HALAL by Jakim Malaysia
  • Made from plant based ingredients
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Food Grade
  • Baby Self Rocking when Baby Kicking/Turning 
  • - Adopted Kangaroo Care (Frequency simulate mother heat beat) 
  • - Use DC only. 
  • Safe for babies. 
  • - Timer 0-180mins
  • - Safe and Durable. 
  • - Free 7-Spring
  • - 6 Months Warranty
  • - Made in Malaysia 
  • * Not suitable for children more than 18kgs 
  • * This product to be used together with proper baby stand