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  • Baby Self Rocking when Baby Kicking/Turning 
  • - Adopted Kangaroo Care (Frequency simulate mother heat beat) 
  • - Use DC only. 
  • Safe for babies. 
  • - Timer 0-180mins
  • - Safe and Durable. 
  • - Free 7-Spring
  • - 6 Months Warranty
  • - Made in Malaysia 
  • * Not suitable for children more than 18kgs 
  • * This product to be used together with proper baby stand 
  • Thick but Soft Silicone
  • A Fossa-fitting Nipple Radius
  • A Textured Surface for a More Effective Attachment
  • A Wider Nipple Based for Improved Suction
  • Nipple Sizes to Match Baby's Development
  • Ideal for preserving and freezing breastmilk and baby food. Homemade is always the best.
  • Lids attached directly to cubes for convenience. No more missing lids!
  • Reduce wastage by defrosting only the amount neeeded.
  • Cubes are neatly arranged on tray, which stack easily in the freezer - space-saving.Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe
  • Maintains form in smooth shape even with the heaviest flow
  • Quilted honeycomb lining provides leak proof coverage
  • Individually wrapped to take with you while on-the-go
  • Available in 60s x 2
  • terry cotton, 100% cotton.
  • suitable for baby
  • price indicated for 1 pack 8 units
  • each size approx 9 x 9 inches
  • Material: Cotton, Terylene, Acrylic fibers and Rubber
  • They are suitable for baby’s knees to protect them when they start crawling and walking
  • They also keep the knees from getting scratches and cuts while learning to crawl and during crawling.
  • One size fits most. Slip on style.  Easy to wear, cute design match your clothing
  • Specially designed with nail dust collector to minimize scattering of nail dust while clipping.
  • Comes with hygiene cover
  • Comes with mini emery board to file and smoothen after trimming.
  • Made of quality and durable stainless steel material
  • Round handle for easy grip
  • Suitable from 0 months and up

Made with Palm kernel oil, Rice, Glutinous rice, Black glutinous rice, Betel nut, Wild Ginger, Turmeric, Vetiver, Lime, Vegetable glycerin, Lavender oil, Cinnamon, Nutmeg.

These herbs help to combat skin problems such as Acne and problems associated with oily skin.

It is also a gentle facial scrub and can be used as a facial mask.

  • 99.8% purified water 
  • Contains 4 organic & natural plant extracts!
  • FREE from 12 harmful chemicals! 
  • Fragrance Free
  • Made in Korea
  • K-Mom Organic Wipes contains 99.8% water and organic ingredients. 
  • Main ingredients are aloe vera (basic,portable range) and chamomile (premium range). Free of 9 to 12 harmful chemicals, you can use each range of K-Mom wipes for even hands and mouth! 
  • Does not leave an aftertaste on babies' mouth so we guarantee it is super safe! 
  • No more sticky or soapy feeling of residues left behind too! Made of superior material, each piece is durable enough to clean up the messiest baby during diaper change time!
  • Eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria & germs
  • 4 Modes function: Auto; Sterilize; Dry; Storage
  • 65 degree Celcius low heat PTC Drying Technology
  • Can put up to 6 feeding bottles
  • Can sterilize differences items such as breast pump accessories, clothes, gadgets, feeding utensils, toys etc
  • Built-in HEPA filter
  • Smart One-Touch operation
  • Auto-stop when the cover is being opened
  • LED display
  • Philips UV Purification Lamp
  • Travel-friendly
  • Inner capacity: 7L
  • Energy-saving
  • Super soft collapsible silicone base, gentle on baby gums.
  • Designed to be able to flex and being flatten while baby taking food.
  • Long handle for easy feeding and easy reaching for food in jar.
  • Suitable from 6 months and up
  • Change colour if food is too hot.
  • Soft tips for baby tender gums
  • Long handle for easy feeding and easy reaching food jar
  • BPA Free
  • Material: PP
  • Suitable from 6 months and up

Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat

-Suitable rearward facing from birth to 18kg/4 years
-Suitable forward facing from 9kg to 36kg/12 years
-5 recline positions: 5 rear facing and 5 forward facing
-One-hand, 10 position height adjustable headrest
-Quinton Smart 360° multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness
-5-point harness with soft, padded covers keeps baby cosy and secure
-One pull motion easily tightens the 5 point harness

  • Extra Soft bristles side is for gently brushing  baby teeth
  • Dimple side is for massaging baby gums
  • Designed according to adults fingers that it snugly fits in
  • Suitable from 4 months and up
  • 1 Bottle
  • 9oz/260ml
  • Slow flow teat (1m+)
  • 1m+




This is a replacement of 2 set straw

for Richell AQ Straw Mug (200ml/320ml)

BPA free

When you are used in "outing straw mug 200", please cut it to length of 95mm


- Suitable Age: 0-6mths (up to 8.5cm)

- Help your newborn keep their feet warm

Baby Socks can be for both fashion and function. 

At birth, covering your baby's feet will help your newborn keep their feet warm. 

essential for your baby sock drawer.

  • Natural plant based extracts
  • Low irritability to skin
  • Anti-bacterial
  • USDA Organic certified
  • Free from 10 harmful chemicals such as Paraben, Phenoxyethanol or similar preservatives, Coloring, Oil, Triethanolamine, Ethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Sulfate Surfactants, Talc, and Propylene Glycol
  • 100% Seed Oil Surfactant is the natural ingredient for foaming/bubbly effect
  • Seed Oil Surfactant breaks down dirt/grim effectively
  • Suitable for machine-wash and hand wash
  • Compact size
  • Single-shot blaster
  • Fires 1 dart at a time
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Includes blaster and 3 darts.