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  • - BPA free
  • -GAMMA Sterilized
  • - Easy Pouring
  • - Food contact grade
  • Pre-sterilized bag, ready & immediate to use
  • BPA Free Food Contact Grade (Can use to store baby food or Puree)
  • Made of Low Density Polyethylene Plastic (LDPE: A type of safe plastic for food containing)
  • Self standing with Expandable base
  • Can contain up to 3 oz milk
  • Suitable for Freezer or normal fridge compartment
  • Leak proof
  • Specially designed with convenient pour spout for transfer milk into a bottle
  • Write-on tab outside fill area eliminates potential puncture and ink contamination
  • Zip closure and tamper-evident safety resealable
  • Color of Bag: Clear with write on panel
  • Color of Zipper: Pink & Clear
  • 20pcs BPA free bags packed in Original Ziplock bag from Manufacturer.
  • Baby hand & mouth wet tissues
  • Perfect for multipurpose use for your babies
  • Cleans all food stains on hand ,mouth & face of the baby
  • 100 % alcohol free wipes
  • Space saving design keeps all of baby’s feeding accessories organised while drying
  • 8 large standing pegs can hold up to 8 bottles and/or cups of all shapes and sizes
  • 8 small standing pegs can hold teats, sippy cup lids, bottle rings, teething rings
  • Each standing peg is equipped with plastic tips to stabilise baby bottles/ cups and prevent scratching
  • Pegs can be folded downwards to enable easy storage
  • Front unique shelf holds breastpump parts, straws, valves, caps, pacifiers and other small items
  • Slanted design to enable excess water to drain into the front water collection slot
  • No assembly is required

Soft 100%  cotton Towel Best for the Tender Lovie skin.

These towels are 100% cotton and comes in a combination of 2 color per pack. 

Sizes: 20" x 40". 

  • 99.8% purified water 
  • Contains 4 organic & natural plant extracts!
  • FREE from 12 harmful chemicals! 
  • Fragrance Free
  • Made in Korea
  • Smooth and Abundant Bubble -  It is a soft and foaming type, which can easily clean and maintain the hygienic state for ever child and adult after going out.

  • Plant derived safe ingredient - Contains cleaning ingredients for sensitive infants to adults skin, to care and clean.

  • Moisturizing Nourishment without irritation - It is not dry even washed frequently and contains moist and nourishing power, which keeps your skin smooth.

  • Hand hygiene guard before/after outing - You can protect your child's health from colds and various viruses simply by washing your hands before and after outings.

  • printed napkin x 8pcs
  • disney printed
  • 100% cotton
  • Baby Self Rocking when Baby Kicking/Turning 
  • - Adopted Kangaroo Care (Frequency simulate mother heat beat) 
  • - Use DC only. 
  • Safe for babies. 
  • - Timer 0-180mins
  • - Safe and Durable. 
  • - Free 7-Spring
  • - 6 Months Warranty
  • - Made in Malaysia 
  • * Not suitable for children more than 18kgs 
  • * This product to be used together with proper baby stand 
  • This new 360° Wonder Cup™ is the next step towards open cup drinking.
  • The specially designed, easy to clean valve opens with lip pressure, then automatically seals as soon as your child is done sipping.
  • The No-Spill™ rim makes this cup perfect for playtime or on the go!
  • The cup is made from durable, break-resistant Tritan™ plastic from Eastman, which is BPA FREE.
  • Suitable from 6 months
  • Contains: 240ml
  • Helps transition to open cup drinking
  • Easy Grip™twin-handles
  • No-Spill™ valve
  • BPA Free
  • Convenience and neat
  • Air Tight
  • Suitable Food Storage and milk powder
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Material:FDA BPA Free Plastic 

Fragrance free
Shield kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold effectively up to 99.999% within seconds and destroys the pollutant.
Manufactured in Malaysia



– Extra soft, non-scratch bristles
– The bristles are very flexible and adapt to all MAM and other bottles

– assorted colours, randomly pick only

  • Soft hygienic silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Baby finger sized
  • Non-choking design
  • Multiple points for grabbing and holding
  • Multi height adjustment with safety lock
  • Quality music toy tray with MC approval
  • Comfortable padded seat that can turn 360 degrees
  • High backrest for comfort and safety
  • 3 in 1 function - easily converts to rocker and activity center with jumping board
  • Complies to EN1273 safety standards
  • Height: 78cm
  • Width: 76-83cm (without extension)
  • With optional extension, it can cover areas up to 146-153cm
  • Smart “Stay-Open” System that enables the gate to stay open at certain angle without swinging back to close position
  • Open in both directions
  • One-hand opening with double locking system
  • With Silk Teat™ - no other silicone feels softer
  • Detailed scale, allowing exact measurement
  • Sits comfortably in the hand, easy to fill
  • Our straw bottle helps your baby practice straws
  • Simple structure with less parts helps you to wash and clean easily
  • Makes it easy to step up
  • K-Mom Organic Wipes contains 99.8% water and organic ingredients. 
  • Main ingredients are aloe vera (basic,portable range) and chamomile (premium range). Free of 9 to 12 harmful chemicals, you can use each range of K-Mom wipes for even hands and mouth! 
  • Does not leave an aftertaste on babies' mouth so we guarantee it is super safe! 
  • No more sticky or soapy feeling of residues left behind too! Made of superior material, each piece is durable enough to clean up the messiest baby during diaper change time!
  • Soft,wear comfortable,warm,no colour fading.
  • Laminated cotton fabric is waterproof,portable & washable.
  • Protects baby from dirty surfaces.
  • Fully padded for comfortable changes on the go.
  • Generously sized for full body protection.
  • A modern changing pad that easy to carry and make your baby feels comfy while changing diapers
  • soft, perfect and quality
  • waterproof
  • PIGEON's Anti-Mosquito Wet Tissues is an effective way to protect your baby against mosquitoes.
  • It is great for outdoor use as these wet tissues are able to keep baby free from mosquitoes and skin irritation for up to 6 hours.
  • It is tested and approved by Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) and Thaliand's Ministry of Public Health.