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  • Inflatable swim ring
  • Size 51cm
  • Made from 0.20mm vinyl
  • Featuring images of the Winnie the Pooh characters
  • Suitable for ages 3-6yrs
  • 32" x 26"
  • Two air chambers
  • Smooth leg holes
  • Inflatable sunshade
  • Three play balls in hand bar (1 rattle ball, 2 plastic balls)
  • product dimensions:  10.5 x 8 x 2 inches
  • recommended for 0-2 years old
  • 36 Months Plus
  • Small Fun Fallz
  • 6.5cm diameter air filled small Fun Ballz
  • 100 multi colored small Fun Ballz
  • 6'x15" (183cm x 38cm) set-up size
  • Capacity 14.5" (37cm) of wall height: 258 gallons (977 L)
  • Repair patch included
  • Recommended age: 3+
  • 8'x16" (244cm x 46cm) set-up size
  • Pool allows for 17 1/2" (44cm) of water
  • Repair patch included
  • For Ages 3+.
  • Pre- tested sturdy vinyl. 4 air chambers with double-valves.
  • Diaper style seat with backrest and smooth leg holes. Weight capacity: 15kg
  • This is not life saving device. Dont leave your children unattended while the device is in use.
  • Large outer ring for stability
  • 76cm diameter (30")
  • Made from Sturdy Vinyl
  • Intex 20" (50cm) Cars Swim Ring
  • Disney license
  • Suitable for ages 3-6 years old
  • 9" x 6" (23cm x 15cm)
  • each arm band has two separate air chambers
  • suitable for ages 3 - 6 years
  • Intex 58053NP Inflatable Beach Ball Disney Pixar Cars 61cm
  • Intex Inflatable Ball Disney Pixar Cars (designs vary)
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Fill air in your play toy anytime at your will.
  • Do not fear and fret of paying or going specially to fill air
  • Double volume, double action
  • Pumps air on both up and down stroke
  • Accordion style hose with 3 different nozzle sizes to fit most valves
  • Durable lightweight plastic body

Approximate deflated diameter: 61cm

Sturdy pre-tested vinyl

for age 6-10 years old


Repair instructions:

  • Clean and dry repair area thorouhly
  • Cut patch larger than repair area
  • Remove paper backing, place patch over hole & PRESS DOWN FIRMLY
  • Do not inflate for 30 minutes
  • Contents: 6 pcs repair patches
  • Toddlers will have fun in the pool with this inflatable rider.
  • In the shape of a happy tiger, this ring style float is made from sturdy vinyl, suitable for children aged three to four years of age.
  • The smooth leg holes provides extra comfort for the happy rider while the bright colors will keep the smiles on their faces while they ride the waves in the pool.
  • 3 to 5 Years
  • Made from Sturdy Vinyl
  • Intex 24" (61cm) Winnie the Pooh Swim Ring
  • Disney license
  • Suitable for ages 6 to 10