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Available adapters for:

Tommee Tippee Ultra Wide Neck Adaptor

MAM Wide Neck Adaptor

Hegen Ultra Wide Neck Adaptor


* Safe & Stress-free | High quality yet affordable | Convenient with less fuss

* 1 Year Warranty

* Portable, compact & easy to use

* Charge by Type-C cable

* 4 hours required to fully charge



MM0003 – Tommee Tippee Ultra Wide Neck Adaptor

MM0004 – MAM / Pigeon Wide Neck Adaptor

MM0005 – Hegen Ultra Wide Neck Adaptor

MM0007 – NUK Ultra Wide Neck Adaptor

MM0008 – Dr.Brown Wide Neck Adaptor

MM0009 – Comotomo Ultra Wide Neck Adaptor