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Nature Love Mere
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  • Soft pure cotton 100%
  • A secure paper stick that bends easily
  • No fluorescence enhancer
  • Two-shaped cotton (round & embo)
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-storage cases
  • They help your child to chew and speak properly .
  • The right baby toothbrush turns brushing into a fun activity instead of a chore. Start your baby on good oral habits and dental care early!
  • STEP 1: 0-2 years Designed with extra soft bristles, a soft rubber biting ring for babies’ gums and a handle that fits both large and small hands
  • STEP 2: 3-5 years Designed for child who is brushing with less help
  • STEP 3: 6-9 years For older children with a mixture of first and permanent teeth
  • Random color for each step toothbrush.
  • Free of paraben and artificial colors
  • Minimize skin irritation with hypoallergic ingredients only
  • Soft cleansing without irritation with lemon oil contained
  • Virgin coconut oil extracts
  • Heavy metal test passed
  • Carefree use with antibacterial effect, for both babies and adults by removing harmful bacterium
  • Size bottle 280ml
  • Suitable for newborns baby's , kids , pregnant women and sensitive skin (Keratodermia tylodes palmaris progressiva (KTTP) , Hand Dermatitis , Hand peeling and Hand dry)
  • Awarded Dermatest certificate with rating of EXCELLENT
  • More than 99.9% sterilization effect
  • Alcohol free , Hypoallergenic , No Tears , Non Chemical , Paraben Free. (Safety , Non-toxic , Natural)
  • Refill 1300ml
  • Nature-filled herb garden scent contained / antibacterial effect
  • Protect a baby's skin with the nature-derived softener
  • Help baby's skin immunity and allergy prevention with added lavender oil
  • Free of harmful substances
  • Nature-filled vegetable softener
  • Additive-free, hypoallergic skin care system
  • Certified safe product
  • Refill (1300ml)
  • Swim diaper for active babies
  • Nature Love Mere will study and protect our babies with mother's heart
  • Suitable for boys & girls
  • Available size Large (8-13kg) & Extra Large(12-16kg)
  • Korea satisfaction consumer index
  • Assessment of antibacterial activity
  • Achieved ISO 9001 certification
  • Pass extractable heavy-metal contest test 
  • 3 pcs per 1pack