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Party Gifts For Kids
Party Gifts For Kids
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Its fun and DIY

Die-cut Foam Stickers Foam craft, foam craft kit for kids’ do-it-yourself handicraft.

Foam crafts are lightweight, easy to make and safe to use and wear as it is soft to the touch.

Foam Craft Eva Foam 3d Picture Arrange and stick the foams to create/design your 3D foam artwork!

assorted designs, based on random pick only

ideal as party gift

size approx 18cm x 18cm

  • manual mini fan
  • easy to bring
  • no battery needed
  • price indicated for 1 pc
  • assorted colours and designs, randomly pick only
  • size prox 10 x 18 x 5cm
  • Hold down and push the toy, it will automtically move forward / backward
  • price indicated for 1 pc
  • come in various colour.
  • cannot choose colour. randomly pick only
  • size approx 7 x 9 x 7cm
  • push to go
  • can transform to robot or robot to car easily
  • price indicated for 1 pc
  • assorted colours, randomly pick only